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Aussie Drink Drive  is an accredited agency committed to providing preventative drink driving courses and clinical assessments required by VicRoads and the Magistrates’ Court.

We are a member of the Victorian Association of Drink & Drug Driver Services
DHS Accreditation No 10/077


Drink Driving Education Courses

Aussie Drink Drive runs drink driving courses throughout Melbourne, as well as Geelong region. A drink driving education course needs to be completed in two, four hour sessions that are one week apart. There are breaks for snacks and coffee. If you miss a session, you can arrange with us to complete it at a later time or in a different location.

What Next?

The procedure for renewing a drivers licence after an alcohol related offence is determined by the specific nature of that offence. Legislation can be complex and sometimes difficult to understand. Because each case is different, it is strongly recommended that you call us for advice.

Booking a Magistrates' Hearing.

When your disqualification, cancellation or suspended time has ended, you may need to go the Magistrates Court nearest to you and book yourself a hearing date. This cannot be done over the phone, you must apply in person. When making a booking there is a minimum 28 day wait from the time that you book until the date of your hearing. Keep in mind that this may give you additional time to locate a suitable drink driving course.

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We are a friendly professional service that offers Drink Driving courses, assessments and support for those seeking to regain their drivers licence or apply for an alcohol interlock condition removal.

Our goal is to assist drivers to make positive choices in order to reduce alcohol-related harms and return safely to the road.

We recognise that alcohol is widely used in the community and that its misuse or mismanagement can have far a reaching impact upon peoples’ lives sometimes even leading to the loss of employment or livelihood and negatively affecting relationships.

Our assessors and presenters have backgrounds in the social sciences, drug and alcohol and mental health fields. They are fully qualified and accredited with the Department of Human Services.